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"Where there is love, nothing is too much trouble, and there is always time." {Abdul Baha}

It’s a rare thing to meet someone whose beauty on the outside matches that on the inside. And then we met TWO – which is obviously one of the reasons why they gravitated towards each other on this path of life. Jenn & Jamie are truly radiant! Not only does the love for and joy in each other ooze from their very pores, but it wrapped its tendrils around us, and left us smitten. 

Jennifer, a down-to-earth yet ravishing PE beauty met gentle, charming Jamshid on her first day of community service in the hospital that Jamie was working in in Jeffrey’s Bay (a small, but hip and happening coastal town in the Eastern Cape of South Africa). They discovered that Jenn was due to move in next door to Jamie, and so neighbours led to close friends, which quickly progressed to love. Destiny, you might say? Undoubtedly! 

Upon first meeting the couple at their gorgeous choice of venue - Landtscap, Stellenbosch - Jamie made it very clear that he wanted to get married outdoors in the sunshine - cocooned in the awe-inspiring view that surrounds the Landtscap perch. The universe however, had a different idea, and they were blessed with one of coldest, wettest, windiest days of winter. Now, whilst I firmly believe that rain on a wedding day is a blessing from above (certainly at this time when we need so much of it in the Western Cape) – it provided its usual challenges whilst upping the levels of overall electricity to just the right level. It quickly became clear that this was how it was meant to be for Jenn & Jamie and the swirling, whirling moodiness beyond the glass walls of Landtscap meant that we could really cosy-up and settle in to an evening celebration with all the romantic splendours that a winter wedding has to offer…

This wedding overflowed with richness, warmth, romance and luxury grounded in an overall earthy winter eloquence. It felt like poetry in motion, from start to finish with the infectious emotions of love and joy dancing freely between the beautiful couple, and inspiring same with their guests.

Theirs was a ceremony that combined Jamie's Persian roots and strong Bahai faith with Jenn's Christian beliefs - led masterfully by both Rev. Roux Malan in collaboration with Tahirih Matthee. An important celebration of the unification of not only two hearts, but of beliefs, traditions and families coming together, transpiring in a joyous celebration of love, life and so much laughter and playfulness.

Inspired by the harmony created from the handsome blend of burgundies with old and new golds, blushes, deep berries and a hint of navy here and there…the intention was to ignite each of the senses through a carefully considered collaboration of design elements right across the board - from the stationary, to the music and fine food, lounging, table decor and of course, floral artistry. 

An over-abundance of plush and indigenous blooms, berries, branches and leaves filled the room and cascaded from above including a series of oversized wreaths - symbolic of the concept of unity that was so evident in Jenn & Jamie’s love story. Roaring fires, hanging golden globes and a menagerie of candle-light bought magic to the space and rounded off the richly textured decor detailing - with an artful combination of angular glass, urban concrete, metallics, wood, velvets and linen.

Jenn & Jamie truly blessed us through our journey together with them as we set about creating and executing their dream wedding. We were inspired by their hearts and humility and fortified in ‘why we do what we do’.

Of course, it could never have been possible without our sterling team of talented service providers - whom we cherish:

Jennifer & Jamie} Landtscap / Stellenbosch

Wedding design concept and full planning package} Heartistry

Photography} Chrisel Mouton Photography

Flowers} Kadou

Catering} Landtscap

Cake} Kanya Hunt

Decor & lighting} Heartistry with Kadou, Sitting Pretty, TCHC & Goeters

Stationary} Heartistry

Musos} Francois van Haasbroek & brides own (cellist)

DJ} That DJ Guy